Effective Methods for Mosquito Control in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance in your backyard in the summertime. The pests love humid climates and warm temperatures, which is why mosquitoes are known to infest Florida properties. Additionally, mosquitoes are attracted to bodies of water like lakes and pools, which are common in the Polk County area. Here are some of the most effective methods of mosquito control that you can try to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard.

5 Ways to Control Mosquitoes

Keep your backyard a safe and fun space for you and guests this summer with these mosquito control tips:

  1. Remove Debris.Mosquitoes like to hide and breed in outdoor areas that provide cover. Remove common hiding spots such as toys, furniture, leaves, weeds, overgrown vegetation, and other natural debris. Removing these items will also allow any mosquito repellent to be applied more effectively.
  2. Dethatching. Dethatching is the removal of the layer of stems, roots, and leaves that sit between the grass and the soil beneath it. Removing this layer will eliminate a humid breeding location for mosquitoes and will improve fungal growth for your lawn.
  3. Clear stagnant water.Mosquitoes spend 75% of their life cycle in water. Control them by eliminating standing water in gutters, birdbaths, flowerpots, buckets, etc. Adding a drainage system can also help reduce flooding on your property.
  4. Add repelling plants.Citronella and lavender serve as natural mosquito repellents. The strong fragrances of these plants keep mosquitoes away while also acting as a nice plant for your backyard garden.
  5. Insecticides. Insecticides are used to kill mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae, but they come with their share of downsides. The chemicals in insecticides can irritate mosquitoes as well as harm the environment, kill other insects, irritate your skin, and poison your pets. Furthermore, insecticides require several applications for effectiveness.

Effective Methods for Mosquito Control

DIY mosquito control methods can take a lot of your time, effort, and money. Save yourself the hassle by relying on the professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County to safely remove mosquitoes from your property for good. Critter Control® of Polk County uses low-impact and eco-friendly products to keep both you and your surrounding environment safe. Our four-step pest removal process includes:

  1. Inspection – We perform a thorough walkthrough of your property to determine the size of your mosquito infestation.
  2. Removal – Our pest control specialists use environmentally safe products to remove all nuisance pests from your property.
  3. Prevention – If the pests make their way inside your home, entry points are sealed to permanently keep them out.
  4. Restoration – Any damages or messes caused by pests are cleaned and restored.

Polk County, FL Mosquito Control Services

The experienced mosquito removal technicians at Critter Control® of Polk County will quickly and safely remove nuisance pests and unwanted wildlife from your property and keep them from returning.

To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our mosquito control services, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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