armadillo outside in the woodsAn armadillo is well-known for its ability to roll up into a protected ball. They can shield themselves from hungry predators and nasty weather using the armored plates along their backs. They are burrowing animals, which means they dig holes and tunnels underground to live in and find their food. But, their burrowing can cause significant property damage to Davenport homes and businesses. Unfortunately, trapping an armadillo is no easy task, so seeking professional help is the safest and most effective option for dealing with an armadillo problem.

What Type of Trap Catches Armadillos?

Lethal traps, such as snap traps used to catch things like rats and mice, are not effective for catching armadillos. Instead, professional trappers only use live traps, like those used to capture raccoons and opossums. However, just because you have the right trap does not mean it will be effective – armadillos are some of the most elusive creatures to catch.

What Bait Is Used to Trap an Armadillo?

Bait for an armadillo trap is tricky. Armadillos find all their food underground and do not eat any food on the surface; therefore, baiting a trap is fairly pointless. Indeed, it will actually decrease your chances of catching an armadillo, since it will attract other wild animals or even pets to the trap instead.

It’s All About Location

Successfully trapping an armadillo is all about the placement of the cage. Armadillos use certain pathways to get to and from their burrows. Experts in Davenport can recognize these armadillo trails and place traps in the best spot with the highest chance of catching your unwelcome guest.

Are There Other Factors Contributing to Armadillo Trapping?

  • The trap needs to be placed on a flat surface, in a sturdy position where it won’t wobble.
  • The trigger for the trap needs to be spotless, meaning no debris of any kind can be on the surface. Armadillos have little hairs all over their body that they use as sensors at night. If they detect debris, they may try to avoid that area.
  • Provide the animal with a clear line of sight for entry into the trap. A small fence or wooden block is an option to help steer them in the right direction.
  • Armadillos have a keen sense of smell, and they are particularly drawn to the scent of other armadillos. So, using a pre-caught armadillo cage is a good option.

Call the Armadillo Removal Experts at Critter Control of Polk County

Armadillo trapping can be a frustrating and potentially hazardous task to do on your own. We recommend leaving the hard work to our professionals here at Critter Control® of Polk County. Our experts are specially trained and have high success rates in trapping armadillos in Davenport.

If you have any questions about trapping an armadillo, or if you would like to schedule your free consultation, please call us today at 863-204-2815.


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