Safe Pest Control for Pets: Ensuring Your Furry Friends are Protected

For many Americans, pets aren’t just like family, they are family. If pests are infesting your home, it’s reasonable to be worried for your pets’ safety when traditional pest control services tend to rely on potentially toxic chemicals. This has led many to turn to pet-safe pest control solutions to manage pest infestations on their property.

Pet-Safe Pest Control Methods  

Here are a few pest control tactics that will keep your pets happy and healthy while ridding your property of unwanted pests.

  • Lavender Plants –The smell of lavender can be used as an effective and pet-safe pest control alternative. The oils from lavender plants serve as a deterrent for mosquitos and flies in the garden, with concentrated lavender oil even being able to drive away bedbugs inside the home.
  • Diatomaceous Earth –While Diatomaceous Earth may sound and look like a harmful substance, it’s surprisingly pet-safe. The name comes from the use of fossils called diatoms that dry out the exoskeletons of insects like roaches, fleas, and bedbugs. The solution is not only fast-acting, often taking effect within 24 hours, but can be used for multiple purposes. Some pet owners even rub it into their dog’s fur to kill fleas.
  • Fly Paper –Fly paper is a classic form of pet-safe pest control to keep flies and gnats off your property. Their sticky texture easily catches all manner of flying insects while staying far out of reach of the average pet. Even if your furry friend does manage to snag it, the coating of fly paper is often non-toxic, preventing an illness in case an accident does occur.
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers –Ultrasonic pest repellers are the newest wave of pet-safe pest control. Manufacturers claim these inventions can deter everything from cockroaches to birds at the push of a button. This is through the use of ultrasonic frequencies that claim to drive away common household pests. However, evidence for this claim is rather sparse. A 2015 study by the University of Arizona cited evidence that these devices lose effectiveness after a short period of time as pests become used to the noise. While it is enticing to have truly invisible pest control, it may be best to avoid ultrasonic pest repellers in favor of more effective pest control methods.
  • Hire Pet-Safe Pest Control Services –Even the safest methods of pest control can be ineffective or dangerous. The only surefire way to ensure your property stays pet-safe and pest free is to hire a licensed, trained, and experienced pest control expert like the pros at Critter Control® of Polk County.

Safe and Effective Pest Control Services

Whether you have an existing pest problem or want to prevent one from ever starting, you can count on Critter Control® of Polk County for pet-safe and efficient services. To schedule an inspection for your Polk County home or business and receive a free pest control estimate, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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