What to Do About Rodents in the Walls

Rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels can squeeze through quarter-inch thick holes in your walls. They often decide to live in the walls of residential homes because it’s a safe, dark, and isolated space that’s hard for humans to reach. Here’s what to do if you have rodents in the walls.

Dangers of Rodents in the Walls

Despite their small size, rodents can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, such as:

  1. Property Damage: Rodents can gnaw through just about any household material, including insulation, drywall and wiring. This can be a threat to electrical systems and your home’s structural integrity.
  2. Disease: Rodents can bring pests of their own, such as mites, ticks, and fleas, that spread to humans and household pets.
  3. Bites or Scratches: While they may seem timid, rodents will bite or scratch if they feel threatened.

As soon as you notice signs of rodents in your walls, it’s time to act. The longer you wait, the greater the risk they are to you and your home.

What to Do About Rodents in the Walls

The sooner you can get rid of rodents in your walls, the better it will be. While it may be tempting to take care of the rodents yourself by setting bait and traps, that could cause even more harm to you and the critter. Many traps and spray chemicals are inhumane and kill the animal slowly, and poisoned bait could be mistaken as food by children and pets.

Instead, the best thing to do about rodents in your walls is call a professional. The team of wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Polk County will know exactly how to handle your rodent problem.

Safe and Effective Rodent Removal Services

Instead of using inhumane techniques that hurt the environment, Critter Control® of Polk County uses an eco-friendly, non-toxic, four-step system that keeps the health of you and your property in mind. Our process includes:

  1. Inspection
  2. Removal
  3. Prevention
  4. Restoration

If you are dealing with a rodent problem on your Polk County, Fl property, rely on the experienced rodent removal technicians at Critter Control® of Polk County to remove nuisance rodents and other unwanted wildlife and keep them from returning. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our effective rodent removal services, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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