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Auburndale Rat RemovalThe serene city of Auburndale boasts beautiful parks, a vibrant city life, and booming local businesses. But there’s one small critter that can cause big trouble for the commercial and residential properties of Auburndale: rats. Dealing with a rat problem can not only hurt your home or business but also disturb your peace of mind — which is why the trained animal specialists at Critter Control® of Polk County are here to help with professional rat removal.  

Rats in Your Home or Business 

Rats can quickly make your property feel like their own safe space because all they need to survive is food, water, and shelter. Because rats can fit in tiny holes, climb to the tops of trees, and jump to rooftops, they can easily find a way to enter your home or business if it isn’t protected by the professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County. And once they manage to find a way inside, rats will quickly multiply until you’ve got a full-blown infestation. 

Auburndale Rat Risks 

From your physical health to the condition of your home or business, rats can cost you a ton. For example, they will chew on furniture to create nests from various materials — like wood, cloth, or paper. Rats may also gnaw on wires or make nests atop insulation, causing electrical issues and fire hazards. But the damage caused by rats isn’t limited to the structure of your building. These critters carry diseases that can affect the health of humans and pets. They also attract fleas and ticks that will cause an entirely separate wildlife situation in your commercial or residential property. 

CritterSafe® Rat Strategies  

You might think do-it-yourself solutions equal quick and cheap rat removal, but low cost doesn’t always translate to high quality when it comes to wildlife control. At Critter Control® of Polk County, we’ve come up with a CritterSafe® method to remove rats in four easy, effective steps: 

  1. Inspection

    Identifying entry points that rats can use for easy access 

  2. Exclusion

    Humanely removing rats from your property and relocating them

  3. Restoration

    Repairing damage to your building and sanitizing areas of contamination

  4. Prevention

    Sealing entry points and protecting your property long term

Professional Rat Removal in Auburndale

Let the animal control specialists at Critter Control® of Polk County take the lead and humanely exclude rats from your home or business to guarantee the best results. We’ll remove rats and prevent their return with proven solutions, and we’ll work with your budget to come up with a system that’s cost-effective and comprehensive.

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