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What Are the Safest Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard?

In addition to being nuisance pests, rats can cause property damage and spread diseases. If you’ve noticed signs of rat activity in or around your Polk County, Florida property, then here are a few safe ways to keep rats out of your yard. How to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard Clean Up Your Yard […]

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Is Rat Damage Covered by Insurance?

If you’ve experienced property damage due to a rat infestation, you may be wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover the repairs. Here is a breakdown of the damages rats cause as well as information about whether it’s covered by your insurance provider. Rat Damage Insurance Coverage Unfortunately, rodent damage is typically not covered in […]

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What Is the Gestation Period for a Raccoon?

Pregnant raccoons are often on the hunt for dark, secluded, and quiet spaces where they can build a nest and give birth to their young. Sometimes, their search brings them to the porches, garages, and attics of residential properties. While they’re normally docile, invasive raccoons can become territorial, especially if they are cornered while protecting […]

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Ways to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

While squirrels may not seem like a nuisance, they can cause lots of damage to your roof if they decide to make a home up there. Broken shingles and chewed wires are just some of the damages these little critters can cause. Below are some ways to keep squirrels off your roof. Helpful Tips to […]

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Having mice in your home or business can create a host of problems for you, including health risks and property damage. If left untreated, a few mice can quickly turn into a large infestation that spreads contamination and, possibly, disease throughout the interior of your property. Here are a few ways to deal with these […]

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