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What Are the Methods of Controlling Rodents?

Rodents are known to carry infectious diseases such as rabies and parvovirus that are harmful to you, your family, and pets. Furthermore, these nuisance critters can cause significant property damage with their incessant chewing on wires, piping, and drywall. Therefore, it is imperative that you deal with rodents immediately after discovering them in your Polk […]

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4 Effective Pest Control Tips for Davenport, FL Homeowners

Whether it’s a mosquito or a mouse, nobody wants to deal with nuisance pests. However, because of Central Florida’s humid climate and abundance of lakes and wooded preserves, homeowners in cities like Davenport, FL must deal with pests year-round. Therefore, it’s important to know how to protect you and your Davenport home from unwanted guests […]

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3 Most Common Nuisance Wildlife Found in Lakeland, FL

Located in Polk County, FL, the city of Lakeland is a popular community surrounded by dense forests, abundant lakes, and lush preserves full of natural Florida wildlife. Oftentimes, local wild animals will wander into nearby Lakeland neighborhoods and business districts in search of food, water, and shelter. If you hear strange noises or rumblings coming […]

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What Do Raccoons Hate the Most?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that love to rummage through dumpsters and knock over garbage cans. Many raccoons hide away in residential and commercial attics where it’s warm. If raccoons have infiltrated your property, it is best to deal with them immediately before they can spread contamination and cause serious damage. However, if you’re wondering what […]

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How to Keep Possums Away From Your Home

Possums, or opossums, are typically docile nocturnal critters, not aggressive or confrontational. However, when opossums sense danger or feel threatened, they will put on a good show by either hissing or playing dead. While they are not a physical threat, opossums can pose a threat to human health and residential homes in the form of […]

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