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Natural Ways to Deter Cockroaches

Cockroaches may be the most unwelcome pest to infest residential and commercial Polk County properties. Not only do they contaminate surfaces and quickly repopulate, but the pests are also responsible for the spread of various diseases. Experts say that for every roach you see, there are three more hiding somewhere within the walls of your […]

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How to Safely Remove Snakes From Your Garden

From water snakes and boa constrictors to garden snakes and rattlesnakes, there are over 40 species of snake that claim sunny Florida as their habitat. If you discover one of the sneaky, invasive pests in your garden, here are some techniques you can use to safely remove snakes from your property. Signs of Snakes in […]

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How to Prevent Bats From Entering Your Attic

While you sleep at night, Florida bats make their way through the dark in search of food. But by day, the nocturnal creatures roost, often inside the attics of residential homes, leaving contaminated waste, foul odors, and property damage in their wake. Luckily, there are several bat removal methods you can try to prevent bats […]

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Effective Methods for Mosquito Control in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance in your backyard in the summertime. The pests love humid climates and warm temperatures, which is why mosquitoes are known to infest Florida properties. Additionally, mosquitoes are attracted to bodies of water like lakes and pools, which are common in the Polk County area. Here are some of the […]

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The Importance of Bees and Wasps in the Ecosystem

Bees and wasps both get a bad reputation as nuisance pests because of the panic they often cause during outdoor activities. Individuals who are allergic to wasp or bee stings or those who may have been stung at a young age may not hesitate to try and kill the stinging insects when they are nearby. […]

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