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Bat Removal Winter Haven | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorSurrounded by a chain of lakes and natural wetlands, the quaint town of Winter Haven offers an old Florida atmosphere that an abundance of families and businesses call home. Such surroundings are also home to a variety of local wildlife. Oftentimes, wild animals such as bats relocate to residential homes and commercial businesses in search of shelter, food, and water.

While bats may be small and furry animals, they can cause quite a bit of harm to your property if not handled properly. Additionally, the sudden presence of bats at your home or business can be an alarming nuisance that shatters the peace of your Winter Haven lifestyle. Fortunately, there are local experts on hand to remedy any wildlife threatening your property. If you notice any of the following signs of a bat infestation, Critter Control® of Polk County can help you safely, legally, and efficiently solve the problem.

3 Signs of a Bat Infestation in Winter Haven, FL

The are several signs that point to a bat infestation in your home or business.

1. Alarming sounds

Hearing scratching, fluttering, and screeching noises coming from your attic or walls at night is a red flag that bats are inside.

2. Dark stains

Because bats can fit in spaces as small as a quarter of an inch, they can easily access areas throughout your property. When squeezing through small attic or interior holes, bats will leave greasy marks on walls or the sides of their entry points.

3. Sight and smell of droppings

The presence or smell of guano and urine is another indication of bats. Droppings may be found near entry points and inside small spaces where bats frequent. Additionally, strong, foul, ammonia-like odors can emanate from bat guano and urine.

What are the Dangers of Bats in Your Home

The discovery of bats in your home or business could quickly turn harmful. Bats create a number of dangers to you and your property if not treated properly. For example, bats may cause rabies or Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease that can make it hard to breathe.

Also, bat droppings can carry fungus as well as parasites like fleas and ticks that can cause great harm to your home or office.

Lastly, bats can create structural damage to your property. bats may form holes in your roof or nest on wires. Such damage can quickly add up and lead to costly repairs.

Use the CritterSafe® Method for Effective Bat Removal

At Critter Control® of Polk County, we know that bat removal is only effective if it is done right. Our CritterSafe® method uses a series of steps to remove bats from your property. These include:

1. Inspection

We identify entry points and make recommendations to exclude bats.

2. Removal

We use humane and effective techniques to safely remove bats.

3. Exclusion

We ensure that all bats are removed before sealing entry points.

4. Restoration

We patch up entry points and develop long-term solutions to keep bats from returning.

Critter Control of Winter Haven Provides Profesional Bat Removal

Although they may seem harmless, bats can cause great damage to your property in Winter Haven. Contact the highly-trained animal control specialists of Critter Control® of Polk County to effectively remove bats from your home or business.

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