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opossum removal

With its beautiful lakes, lush scenery, and charming attractions, the Winter Haven area has remained a peaceful slice of Old Florida that is home to families, businesses, and an abundance of natural wildlife. However, the peace can be broken when critters, particularly raccoons, rats, squirrels, and opossums, venture into residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts in search of food and shelter. Such wildlife can bring troubling disturbances, harmful diseases, and costly damage to Winter Haven properties.

If you have noticed the presence of unwelcome opossum near your Winter Haven home or business, do not worry. The licensed and trained professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County are equipped to help strategize a fast, efficient, and personalized opossum removal plan.

Tips for Deterring an Opossum Infestation

If you are struggling with an opossum problem at your Winter Haven home or workplace and are unsure of the best action to take, then try these tips to prevent potential damages and keep your wildlife problem from getting out of hand.

  • Remove Food Sources – Because opossums are omnivores, they will search your property for any available food. Keep trashcans securely closed, avoid leaving pet food out all day, and install nets or other barriers to protect edible plants.

  • Declutter Your Yard – Opossums generally make their homes in logs, burrows, attics, basements, and other small spaces near water sources. Try to remove any excess debris, trash, or vegetation on your property that opossum can use as a den. Also take note of any droppings, scratch marks, misplaced trash, or trampled plants you find.

  • Get Equipped – Before you investigate your property for opossums, make sure you prepare your attire. Because opossums can bite if threatened and may carry diseases, it is best to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and a mask.

If none of the above measures have helped alleviate your opossum problem, try contacting the opossum removal professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County. Our critter experts have the tools and experience necessary to make sure all wildlife is removed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our Four-Step CritterSafe® Opossum Removal Method

Each home or business is unique, so dealing with an infestation can be challenging without proven methods and tools. That is why Critter Control® of Polk County uses the following tried and tested series of steps to remove wildlife from your property while remaining humane, safe, and efficient.

1. Inspection
2. Removal
3. Prevention
4. Restoration

Professional Winter Haven Opossum Removal

Proper opossum removal requires experience, equipment, and training. That is why it is best to leave their removal to the professionals to avoid endangering yourself or the animal. If you have encountered a wild opossum or if opossums have entered your Winter Haven property, keep your distance and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County as soon as possible. To schedule a comprehensive property inspection and receive a free estimate, call us at 863-204-2815 today.


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