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As summer showers start to roll in, you expect to hear rumbling thunder — not high-pitched squeaking. In an attempt to escape the rain, bats will squeeze their way into Bartow homes and businesses through damaged shingles, cracked gutters, and rotting wood. This creates legal complications, safety risks, and pricey damage for you. Instead of trying to remove these critters on your own, consider professional Bartow bat removal: the safest, most effective solution.

6 Signs Your Property Is Infested with Bats

Since the bat population is on a constant rise every year in Polk County, it is more common to have bats in your home or business than you might think. Signs that a bat colony is nearby included:

  1. Squeaking sounds
  2. Bat droppings, or guano
  3. Ammonia odor
  4. Oily marks on the walls or ceiling
  5. Bats flying around your property
  6. Dead bat sightings

If you notice this type of activity in or near your property, it’s likely that you have an active animal problem. Waiting to address this may lead to health-related issues for you, your family, or your staff. This can include the transfer of rabies or the contamination of food and water. Histoplasmosis, for example, is another risk posed by bat infestations. This type of lung infection is transmitted through fungal spores found in their guano.

How to Remove Unwanted Bats in 4 Easy Steps

Removing live or dead animals and sealing all entry points is the best way to get rid of bats. While excluding one of these flying animals on your own may seem like a doable task, it’s incredibly difficult to accomplish. There is a series of essential steps to take in the bat removal process. These include:

  1. Identify each entry and exit point.
  2. Set up traps or exclusion doors.
  3. Seal all entry and exit points after bat removal.
  4. Sanitize your attic and remove any remaining droppings.

Can’t-Beat Bartow Bat Removal

Removing bats on your own is time-consuming and dangerous. At Critter Control® of Polk County, our specially trained experts know how to safely remove bats without harming the animals or damaging your property. In addition to Bartow bat removal, we offer restorative services to clean and repair your home or business after an infestation.

If you have questions about our services or would like to schedule a free inspection, give us a call at 863-204-2815 today.


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