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Opossums in tree

Dealing with invasive critters like opossums that have found their way into your home or workplace can be very stressful. The presence of these critters not only induces a serious amount of anxiety, but they can also cause costly damages both in and around your Bartow property. To reduce this threat, many people attempt to rid opossums and other critters from their homes and workplaces without professional help.

While it may seem easy to opossum-proof one’s property, in theory, the process is both expensive and dangerous. That’s why the licensed and certified experts at Critter Control® of Polk County are here to help Bartow area residents looking for a cost-effective and safe way to keep opossums away from their homes.

What Damage Can Opossums Cause?

Opossums, though they are not necessarily hostile critters, have the potential to cause some serious damage to both your property and your health. The following examples highlight the types of risks that opossums can cause.

  1. Opossums and their droppings can transmit diseases that could lead to tainted water and food sources. These critters could also bring lice and ticks onto your property, further increasing the chances of disease transmission.
  2. Opossums could potentially cause severe damages both inside and around your property.
    • Inside, various wires, wooden beams, and air ducts are susceptible to being chewed on and damaged by opossums. They can also shred your attic insulation and boxes to make their nests and soil and contaminate your attic walls, floors, and belongings.
    • Outside, opossums are known to scavenge for food in open trash cans and gardens. As a result, trash may be scattered around your property and your crops/plants may be destroyed.

Removing Opossums With Our CritterSafe® Method

It is important to understand that dealing with an opossum problem on your own can not only be costly, but potentially dangerous as well. This is why the best option for safely dealing with an opossum problem is to call the experts at Critter Control® of Polk County. Our highly trained and certified technicians use our specialized CritterSafe® method for the humane and eco-friendly removal of invasive critters. This method is composed of four effective steps:

  1. Inspection

    Your property will be thoroughly investigated by our experts in order to find any opossums, nests, or compromised areas being used to gain entry.

  2. Removal

    Each opossum inhabiting your property will be removed using safe and humane methods of trapping.

  3. Exclusion

    To prevent opossums from reentering your property, we will ensure that any compromised areas or holes have been properly sealed. Additional preventative measures such as caps, covers, and screens for vents will also be strategically placed around your property.

  4. Restoration

    Following the removal of opossums from your property, our experts will provide repairs to any damages that were caused by the critters.

Through the use of these steps, opossums and other invasive creatures will be safely removed and prevented from reentering your workplace or home.

Expert Bartow Opossum Removal

Critter Control® of Polk County has been serving Bartow homeowners and business owners since 1983. Dedicated to safely and effectively get rid of unwanted critters, such as opossums, from the properties of our Bartow neighbors, we are a fully licensed and insured animal and pest control company that employs highly trained and certified technicians who are well equipped to deal with all types of wildlife and pest related issues. We also believe in maintaining the life of the critters we remove. That is why we are proudly promoting humane and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional forms of pest and animal control.

If you find yourself facing an opossum situation or any other problems related to unwanted animals or pests in or near your home or place of business, then give us a call at 863-204-2815.


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