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Squirrel eating corn outside in field

Although squirrels never seem to cause any harm out in the wild, dealing with a squirrel invasion on your Polk County property can be a nightmare. They often enter homes or businesses in search of food, water, and protection from predators and the harsh Florida weather. If you suspect you are dealing with a squirrel infestation, look for the following signs and call for professional Polk County squirrel removal before any major damage is done to your property.

4 Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

You can usually identify a squirrel infestation by noticing the following signs:

  1. A foul, ammonia-like smell
  2. Scratching and squealing from the attic or walls
  3. Small, black droppings
  4. Oil or grease-like stains on your ceilings and walls

Our 4-Step Effective Squirrel Removal Method

We want to ensure that your property is rid of any unwanted visitors while still using careful and humane removal methods. Our CritterSafe® removal process is comprised of these four steps that will prevent future invasions:

  1. Inspection: First, one of our trained removal experts will carefully inspect your home or property to locate the critters, measure the severity of the infestation, and look for entry points.
  1. Removal: After fully inspecting your home, our technician will create a safe and humane removal plan that uses cautious and eco-friendly methods to permanently remove the squirrels from your home or workplace.
  1. Restoration: Our team will clean up and repair any damages caused to your property by the squirrels.
  1. Exclusion: After the critters have been removed, our technicians will ensure the critters never make it back into your home or workplace by sealing off all entry and exit points that allowed them inside in the first place.

Professional Polk County Squirrel Removal

If you have come into contact or have seen squirrels on your Polk County property it is important to avoid any at-home removal methods and instead call for professional removal. At Critter Control® of Polk County, we will safely and efficiently remove the squirrels from your property and ensure they don’t come back.

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To schedule a free property inspection, call Critter Control of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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