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Auburndale is a treasure of Central Florida that boasts unique attractions and beautiful scenery. However, once the night settles, wildlife such as bats may become a threat to the tranquility of your home as they search for shelter inside Auburndale properties. Problems and destruction caused by a bat infestation can span from disturbing sounds and smells to structural damage and the risks of infectious disease.

To help you combat an invasion of nocturnal, flying mammals in Auburndale, here are a few simple methods to implement on your property as well as the permanent bat solutions offered by Critter Control® of Polk County.

2 Common Forms of Bat Damage

Bats cause two common forms of damage: structural and health. Regarding health, bat droppings — also referred to as bat guano — cause fungus to spread through the air. Bats may also carry diseases such as histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease, or rabies.

The structure of your property can also be affected by a bat infestation. For example, guano retains moisture that may weaken certain structures of your property. Bats may also create holes in the wall or chew on electrical wires.

3 Common Bat Deterrents

There are several DIY methods used to deter bats from residential properties, which include using the following materials:

  1. Aluminum foil and mirror

    These two tools, when combined, are known to distort the echolocation of bats. Because the materials affect both light and sound, bats have a harder time navigating. Mounting them in attic spaces will allegedly cause bats to leave your property.

  2. Mothballs

    Bats are naturally repelled by mothballs, which emit a foul odor. Wrapping mothballs in cloth and hanging them around your home may provide a temporary solution.

  3. Mylar balloons

    Bats may be hesitant to get near mylar balloons because they are confused by their reflective surface. Placing them near entry points may keep bats at bay.

Although these methods serve as quick and simple solutions, it is best to rely on a trained professional to most effectively get the job done.

Legal and CritterSafe® Bat Removal

Because bats are a protected species, the trained professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County will conduct an effective four-step process to remove a bat infestation on your Auburndale property.
Our steps include:

  1. Inspection

    Our experienced professionals identify entry points and devise a removal strategy

  2. Removal

    Humane and legal removal tactics are implemented

  3. Exclusion

    Long-term solutions such as one-day doors are installed to restrict bat reentry

  4. Restoration

    Any and all bat-related damage is cleaned and repaired.

With the effective techniques used by our animal control specialists in Auburndale, your property will be permanently free of a bat infestation.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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