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Davenport Rat Removal | Trapping | Control | Exterminator

Finding rats in your home or place of business can be a very stressful and nerve-racking experience. Although indoor rat infestations are a common occurrence, this does not make their presence any less dangerous or revolting. Rats have the potential to carry diseases, contaminate your food, and cause damages to wires, insulation, and wooden structures in your attic through chewing and nesting. Rather than trying to deal with a rat problem on your own, the best solution is to give the licensed and certified experts at Critter Control® of Polk County a call.

Removing Rats With Our CritterSafe® Method

Our highly trained and certified technicians use a specialized CritterSafe® method to humanely and effectively remove invasive critters from Polk County properties. This method is performed through the following four proven steps:

  1. Inspection: Your property is thoroughly checked by our experts in order to find any compromised areas being used by the rats as an entrance, as well as any damages that have been caused. Once your property has been assessed, experts will design a specialized plan to deal with the infestation.
  2. Removal: Eco-friendly and humane trapping methods are used to remove the rats, along with non-toxic preventative rodent sprays.
  3. Repair: Compromised areas of your home will be fixed along with other possible damages that were caused by the rats.
  4. Exclusion: The area around your home or workplace will be secured by our expert technicians with silicone caulk, spray foam, or copper wire mesh so as to prevent any rats from re-entering your home or workplace.

Through these steps, rats and other invasive creatures will be removed and prevented from reentering your home.

Your Polk County Rat Removal Experts

Critter Control® of Polk County has been serving Central Florida homeowners and business owners since 1983. We are a fully licensed and insured animal and pest control company that employs highly trained and certified technicians who are well equipped to deal with all animal and pest related issues. We are proud to provide an excellent service to our customers and are dedicated to permanently getting rid of unwanted rodents from Polk County homes and businesses using humane and eco-friendly alternatives.

Cities in Polk County That We Cover

If you find yourself dealing with a growing rat situation, give Critter Control® of Polk County a call at 863-204-2815 and schedule your free inspection.


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