Squirrel standing on marble tableA rodent is a small gnawing mammal, characterized by its continuously growing teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. There are many species that fit into the rodent category, including mice, squirrels, hamsters, porcupines, and rats. Haines City has its fair share of rodents living amongst residential and commercial areas. Listed below are the most common types of rodents that can be found in Haines City.

  1. Rats

    Rats are unsanitary, nasty creatures and they can cause significant damage throughout homes and businesses. They leave droppings on the ground and gnaw marks on floorboards, walls, furniture, and electrical cords. Attics and garages are some of their favorite spots to hide and raise their young. They can also build nests underneath floorboards, inside walls, or in other dark, infrequently visited places.

  2. Squirrels

    Squirrels are often seen as adorable and harmless creatures; however, they can be quite a nuisance. Like rats, they can find their way into homes and businesses through roof openings and small holes in the wall. Once inside, they cause a similar type of damage as rats, though to a greater degree because they are bigger animals. They can be more adventuresome and daring than other rodents, not shy from human contact.

  3. Mice

    Don’t let their tiny size fool you, mice can wreak havoc in large numbers. Like rats, they are vehicles for germs and leave great messes of excrement and urine. Their quick reproductive habits can mean that infestations grow rapidly. Mice make nests in attics, ventilation ducts, gaps in the side of your house, pipes, and chimneys.

Call Critter Control of Polk County Your Rodent Experts

Since rodents in your home can bring so many different risks, we recommend contacting our experts here at Critter Control® of Polk County to handle the problem. Although rats, squirrels, and mice are the more common types of rodents found in the Haines City area, our professionals will solve any rodent problem you may have.

If you have any questions about rodents, or if you would like to schedule your free inspection, please call us at 863-204-2815 today.


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