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Bat Removal Davenport | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorDavenport has many reserved areas for hiking and fishing, making it a perfect home for bats. But when bats decide to move into your Davenport home or business, you don’t want to let them hang around. However, it’s important to know that removing bats is not something to try on your own. Between the bites, scratches, and legal ramifications involved, bat removal is best left to the professionals. Fortunately, the professionals at Critter Control® of Davenport can safely remove them for you.

3 Dangers of Bat Roosts in Davenport, FL

From disease to damage, the dangers bats present to your property and inhabitants are substantial. An infestation of bats can go undetected inside a property for some time, therefore, you should be aware of the dangers these flying critters bring.

1. Attack

While bats usually avoid people, they can attack both humans and pets if scared or threatened — resulting in harmful bites and scratches.

2. Disease

Bats can transmit rabies through bites if you accidentally confront them. You could also contract Histoplasmosis, a lung disease caused by breathing the bacterial spores released from bat droppings.

3. Feces

Bat droppings, also called guano, is extremely corrosive and contains dangerous diseases and bacteria. When left undealt with, the toxic substance can damage the structural integrity of your insulation and drywall.

4 Signs of Bat Infestation in Davenport, FL

The following warning signs can alert you to a serious bat infestation brewing on your Davenport property.

  1. Frequent bat sightings around your property at sunrise and sunset as bats return or leave for hunting.
  2. Dusty-looking piles of guano droppings in the attic or even outside close to your home.
  3. Loud scratching or chirping noises coming from the attic.
  4. A pungent, ammonia-like smell seeping throughout your home.

Critter Control of Davenport Provides Expert Bat Removal Services

With bats’ protected status and the laws surrounding relocation, it’s wise not to attempt removal on your own. Instead, trust wildlife experts with over thirty years of experience to get the job done safely. We understand how important bats are to the environment but don’t overlook your need to protect your home. At Critter Control® of Polk County, we provide a proven, four-step wildlife removal plan:

1. Inspection

Our licensed professionals will perform a thorough inspection to find what kind of bats you have and the severity of your infestation.

2. Removal

Using the right equipment and legal methods, our technicians will safely remove bats from your property.

3. Restoration

After relocating the bats, our trained professionals will clean up and repair any damage done to your home.

4. Exclusion

Our team guarantees permanent bat removal by sealing all entry points.

The Critter Control® Solution

The professional team at Critter Control® of Polk County is equipped with all the right tools and information to remove bats from your property and ensure they never return.

For safe, legal bat removal and restoration, contact Critter Control® of Davenport today at 863-204-2815.


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