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mice removal

On the lookout for food, water, warmth, and shelter, mice will find a way into your Auburndale property through small holes or cracks. Your home or business can be a great escape for these rodents — which creates a great burden for you, our mice removal services will help you rid your problem. From the cost of damage repair to the risk of sickness and injury, the price of putting off Auburndale mice removal is far too high.

5 Types of Mouse-Related Property Damage

Although small, mice can have a mighty impact and cause significant damage to your home or office space. Both short- and long-term damage puts a dent in your wallet and in the entry points around your property — allowing more mice to enter your living area or workspace. A few examples of mouse-related property damage include:

  1. Chewed wires
  2. Torn insulation
  3. Soiled floorboards
  4. Contaminated food and water
  5. Damaged roofing

How To Tell If You Have a Mouse Infestation

Quick and ready to run, mice are tougher to track down than you might think. Instead of looking for live animals, check for any of the following signs that mice are nearby:

  1. Fleas — Mice can bring another unwanted guest into your home: fleas. Along with fleas, these rodents can also carry ticks and mites that will nestle into your carpet, blankets, and furniture.
  2. Nests — Using paper, cardboard, and insulation, mice will create nests for their new babies.
  3. Markings — In an effort to keep their teeth filed, mice will chew on electrical wiring, cardboard, and other material they find in your building.
  4. Noise — Because mice are mostly active at night, you may hear squeaking or similar noises once you have an infestation.

Call for Professional Auburndale Mice Removal

At Critter Control of Polk County, we understand how important it is to keep everyone in your home or commercial building safe during your Auburndale mice removal service. Our licensed technicians can exclude mice and all types of wildlife from your property while using humane practices. This means that we won’t introduce toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to you, your family, or your customers. In addition, by repairing any entry and exit points, we can guarantee that you won’t run into another mouse problem again.

Contact Critter Control of Polk County today for your free inspection at 863-204-2815.


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