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Squirrel eating corn outside in fieldSquirrels have a reputation for being cute, furry creatures that many like to feed at the park or watch scurry up a tree to add an acorn to their stash. However, encountering squirrels outside the park and inside your Lakeland home or business is anything but cute. In fact, a nest of squirrels inside your property can cause a significant amount of damage that could end up costing you some of your own personal stashes. If you notice signs of squirrels on your grounds, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County to inspect your property and prevent or put an end to your squirrel infestation.

6 Squirrel Infestation Warning Signs

Squirrels can cause a lot of costly damage to your home or business. Be on the lookout for any of the following signs that squirrels are in your building.

  1. Soiled attic insulation

  2. Frayed electrical wiring

  3. Chewed drywall and molding

  4. Droppings around attic opening

  5. Scratching, squeaking, and scurrying noises

  6. Gatherings of squirrels on your roof or in nearby trees

5 Health Risks Caused by a Squirrel Infestation

Squirrels will use your insulation to make their nests—soiling it in the process. They will also use the rest of your attic and interior walls as their restroom. With squirrel urine and feces throughout your home, the smell will be noticeably strong and unpleasant. What’s worse is that any attempt to clean up after them can put your health at risk as contact with squirrel droppings can transmit diseases like:

  1. Leptospirosis

  2. Lyme disease

  3. Rabies

  4. Salmonellosis

  5. Tularemia

Regardless of how harmless they may appear, attempting to trap or remove squirrels on your own is never recommended. Squirrel handling requires safety equipment, experience, and training to avoid bites, scratches, and infection. Hiring local squirrel removal experts is always the safest and most effective method to rid your property of nuisance squirrels.

Critter Control of Lakeland are Your Squirrel Removal Experts

For quick and efficient squirrel removal, the professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County have got you covered. Our licensed technicians are trained in the most humane methods and techniques and will work with you to devise a permanent squirrel removal plan that accommodates your schedule and budget.

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