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Mole Removal in Lake Wales

Central Florida’s rich soil makes it perfect for growing lush lawns and backyard gardens ripe with fruits and vegetables. However, it is also a desirable place for moles to burrow in search of small insects and worms to feast on. Fast and destructive moles will dig through yards, inflicting significant damage to your grass, plants, and landscaping. Luckily, the effective mole removal methods employed by Critter Control® Polk County can combat mole mischief and permanently keep the pests away from your Lake Wales property.

Common Mole Characteristics

Spanning 4- to 11-inches in size, moles can be identified by their dark fur coats, poking pink snouts, and thin — but relatively long — claws. While they possess terrible eyesight, it only strengthens their sense of smell, which they use to locate insects by digging below the surface of the soil. As a result, moles are almost impossible to catch in action, and most of their whereabouts are identified only by the trails they leave behind.

Signs of Damaging Mole Activity

The following signs of mole activity outside your Lake Wales property can seriously impact the health of your yard and plants.

  • Dead grass – If you find decaying patches of grass or growing weeds outside your property, it is likely moles have clawed or nibbled through the bulbs and roots that support the plants in your yard.
  • Molehills – If you notice bumps protruding from the dirt of your soil, they are likely molehills that are the result of moles entering and exiting your yard’s surface.
  • Soft soil – If you feel the soil beneath you is loose or squishy to the step, that can be a sign moles are below the surface wrecking its fertility.
  • Burrowing tracks – If you discover a crisscross of raised ridges throughout your yard, this is an indication of the moles’ path below the ground.

The Trouble with DIY Mole Removal

Most DIY methods of mole removal offer mole-control solutions that include toxic and inhumane chemicals. Instead of using costly and dangerous tactics, rely on licensed wildlife professionals to safely capture and remove nuisance moles from your Lake Wales home or business. Contacting the mole removal experts at Critter Control® Polk County is the safest and best way to ensure moles are permanently chased out and their damages are repaired. 

Expert Mole Removal Services in Lake Wales, FL

For 40 years, the experienced mole removal professionals at Critter Control® Polk County have successfully resolved mole problems throughout Central Florida by using a trusted four-step process.  First, our licensed and trained technicians inspect your property to identify the extent of mole infestation and find where the pests are located. Then, we employ humane removal techniques that keep you and the moles safe from harm. After all moles are removed, we safeguard your property from any returning infestations and restore your property to pre-infestation conditions.

To schedule an inspection for your Lake Wales home or business and receive a free mole removal estimate, call Critter Control® Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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