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Lake Wales Mice Removal | Trapping | Control | ExterminatorFor mice in Lake Wales, local homes and businesses are simply seen as tools for survival. When looking for food, water, warmth, and shelter, they often find their way inside these buildings through minor holes or cracks. Once inside, however, they can create more than minor damage. To stop mice from multiplying inside your property, contact the team at Critter Control® in Lake Wales as soon as you suspect them.

5 Common Types of Damage Caused By Mice

The damage caused by mice can have long-term consequences on your home or business; however, certain issues will cause the greatest amounts of damage early on. Some of the most immediate effects of a mouse infestation include:

  1. Torn insulation
  2. Chewed wires
  3. Soiled floorboards
  4. Food and water contamination
  5. Roof damage (torn shingles, chewed vent caps, etc.)

4 Warning Signs That There is Mice in Your Home or Business

Their small size is the main reason why mice are so hard to detect once inside your property. These tiny critters can quickly scurry out of sight before you would even suspect their presence. Luckily, you don’t have to spot a mouse to know that one of them is around — just check for the following signs of an infestation.

1. Nests

Mice will use just about any material available when making their nests: paper, cardboard, insulation, and yarn. If you spot a nest in your attic, basement, or crawl space, you could be dealing with a full-blown infestation.

2. Chew marks

Mouse teeth are in constant need of filing, which is why you can often spot a mouse infestation by the bite marks left behind on cardboard boxes in your pantry or electrical wiring in your attic.

3. Commotion

Nocturnal animals, like mice, are most active at night. If you hear squeaking, rustling, or any similar noises coming from inside your building in the nighttime, you could be hosting one or more of these critters.

4. Fleas

Like most other furry animals, mice can carry fleas, ticks, and mites into your property during an infestation. If you find any crawling through your pet’s fur, even after flea treatment, or in your carpet, you should have your building inspected as soon as possible.

The CritterSafe® 4 StepMice Removal Process

At Critter Control® of Polk County, we understand that quickly removing mice is just as important as safely removing them. That’s why we’ve adopted a CritterSafe® system which lets our technicians protect you, your home, and any critters that find their way inside. Our secure, four-step mouse removal process includes:

1. Inspection

Members of our Critter Control® of Polk County team will survey your property to understand the extent of your mouse infestation.

2. Removal

Our licensed wildlife technicians will remove all mice using humane, effective exclusion practices.

3. Prevention

To keep any more mice from entering your home or business, we’ll repair entry and exit points that mice have created or worsened during the infestation.

4. Sanitation

Mice don’t immediately stop affecting your property after they leave, which is why our staff will sanitize the areas of infestation to keep your building free from harm.

If you’re suspicious that you might have an infestation, don’t get close enough to tell for sure.

Call the professionals at Critter Control of Lake Wales so we can conduct a complimentary inspection at 863-204-2815.


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