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What to Do if Your Polk County Property Is Overrun by Squirrels?

Polk County, Florida is home to a variety of natural wildlife that can become a problem for you if they manage to infiltrate your home. While they may appear as harmless animals, squirrels, in particular, can become quite the nuisance to property owners and pose a real threat to residential Polk County homes for several […]

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5 Common Rodents Found in Polk County

Polk County, Florida is surrounded by numerous bodies of water and thick wooded areas that a variety of natural wildlife call home. Such critters include raccoons, armadillos, bats, snakes, and various rodents. If any of these animals, particularly rodents, wander outside of their wooded habitats in search of food and shelter, they can cause quite […]

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How to Tell if You Have a Nuisance Armadillo on Your Polk County Property

While armadillos are often thought of as docile creatures, they can actually pose a real threat to you and your home. In fact, armadillos are one of the main creatures identified as “nuisance wildlife” throughout multiple Central Florida counties. Therefore, it could come in handy to be educated on the signs, dangers, and preventions of […]

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7 Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

While squirrels are often portrayed as friendly, but, mischievous critters or wacky furballs in movies, TV, and popular culture, in reality, they can be quite dangerous homewreckers. Not only can squirrels invade and nest inside of your residential or commercial property, but they can also shred wires, insulation, and drywall as well as contaminate your […]

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What Are the Best Opossum Deterrents?

While naturally docile critters, opossums are still wild animals. As such, they have been known to be carriers of infectious diseases and pests like fleas, ticks, and mites that could pose potentially serious health problems to both humans and domesticated pets. To prevent unwanted danger and damage to you and your loved ones, here are […]

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