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Davenport Armadillo Removal

South American armadillos are common throughout the Southeastern United States, especially in states like Florida. While these small mammals tend to keep to themselves and aren’t usually a threat, they are known to tear up Central Florida yards. If you see a nuisance armadillo on your Davenport property, it is always best to call an expert to remove it. Critter Control® of Polk County can easily help you get rid of these little critters with our safe and humane armadillo removal services.

Damages Armadillos Cause

Armadillos have sharp claws to help them forage for food and dig underground dens up to 15-feet deep. They like to nest in areas with loose soil and lots of shrubs, which usually ends up being in residential backyards. Due to their burrowing, lawn, garden, and landscaping damage is very common with armadillos.

Structural damage is also an issue with armadillos. If they’re on your property long enough, they can burrow underneath your home or business causing foundational and irrigation damage that can disrupt your water supply and threaten the integrity of your structure.

Do Armadillos Carry Diseases?

Armadillos are usually docile and roll into a ball if they’re approached by predators. However, if they feel cornered or threatened, they can claw and bite. Armadillos are capable of carrying leprosy and rabies, which could be passed on to others during an attack. While humans are at less of a risk of encountering a hostile armadillo, household pets could engage an armadillo out of curiosity and catch a harmful disease.

Expert Armadillo Removal Services

If you suspect an armadillo is on your property, your best option is to call Critter Control® of Polk County. Our specialists are trained in safe and humane methods of armadillo removal that put you and the critter at minimal risk. We provide complete property inspection, safe animal removal, damage restoration, and prevention services to seal off entry points and ensure unwelcome pests don’t come back.

Your Davenport Armadillo Removal Experts

Our licensed and trained wildlife removal specialists use eco-friendly and humane methods to trap and release armadillos, ridding your Davenport property of the critters for good.

If you encounter armadillos or any other nuisance wildlife on your Polk County property, keep your distance and rely on the expert services of Critter Control® of Polk County. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate for our armadillo removal services, call us today at 863-204-2815.


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