Effective Pest Control Methods: Pros and Cons

No one wants pests in their house. Nuisance wildlife such as rodents, raccoons, snakes and insects can find their way inside and cause significant property damage in a small amount of time. Therefore, it is significantto take care of a pest problem as soon as possible. Here are some of the top pest control methods you can try to stop a growing pest infestation in its tracks, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Natural Pest Control

Sometimes, the most effective pest control method is taking care of your property. This includes sanitizing high-use areas, keeping your home clutter-free, and taking care of any necessary home repairs like sealing exterior cracks and crevices to prevent critters from entering. This method not only keeps your property clean but also helps prevent outdoor pests from becoming an indoor problem. However, natural pest control won’t be effective if you’re already dealing with a pest issue and home repairs can often be more costly than other pest control methods.

Traps and Barrier Pest Control

If you’re already dealing with a pest infestation, physical methods like traps and physical barriers may be an effective option. Such techniques are beneficial because they’re easy to purchase and install. Insect and rodent traps will catch most pests, and barriers like fencing or mesh screens will keep unwanted wildlife away. However, such methods may only provide short-term relief if your pest problem is a large one, as you’ll have to constantly replace used or triggered traps. Additionally, some of these techniques can pose a risk to household pets or children. 

Chemical Pest Control

One of the most common methods to end a pest infestation is chemical pest control, which includes pesticides for insects and rodenticides for rats and mice. These compounds usually incapacitate or kill the pests, getting rid of your problem quickly. Despite its efficiency, this method can cause serious harm to your natural environment and disrupt your local ecosystem if not handled professionally. Since these toxic chemicals are potent, they can also be harmful to you and your loved ones.

Professional Pest Control Services

Ultimately, the safest and most effective solution for permanent pest control is hiring a professional. The experts at Critter Control® of Polk County have access to eco-friendly and humane options that will permanently get rid of pests and keep them from returning. If you have a pest problem on your Polk County property, call 863-204-2815 today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced technicians and receive a free estimate for our effective pest control services.


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