4 Effective Pest Control Tips for Davenport, FL Homeowners 1

Whether it’s a mosquito or a mouse, nobody wants to deal with nuisance pests. However, because of Central Florida’s humid climate and abundance of lakes and wooded preserves, homeowners in cities like Davenport, FL must deal with pests year-round. Therefore, it’s important to know how to protect you and your Davenport home from unwanted guests with the following effective pest control tips.

How to Control Davenport Pests

Here are four effective ways to control the pest around your Davenport home.

  1. Reinforce Your Home – There are lots of ways pests can get into your home. Small cracks and gaps for electrical wires are common entry points. To combat this, seal gaps into your home by adding copper mesh. This includes safeguarding any crawl spaces, chimneys, or dryer vents. Repairing torn screens and adding mosquito nets to your back porch keeps smaller pests at bay. Worn-away weatherstripping should be replaced as well to keep pests out.
  2. Maintain Your Yard – An unkempt yard will create many attractive hiding spaces for wildlife of all sorts to nest on your property. If you have pets, bring in their food at night so it’s not left out to attract hungry critters. Also consider bringing your birdfeeders in or placing them away from your home. Eliminate any standing water provided by bird baths or leaky hoses and sprinklers. Trim up trees and plants so there’s no potential nesting spaces and add wire fencing around your garden to protect the plants and produce you want to keep intact.
  3. Use Alternative Remedies – There are a few natural pest control methods that claim to help keep pests away. Fresh herbs and coffee grounds help keep smaller insects and mosquitoes away from your yard and garden. A solution of white vinegar and water washes away chemical trails left by ants. Apple cider vinegar attracts and traps flies in your home. And peppermint oil can repel rodents.
  4. Hire a Pest Control Expert – While the above methods may offer temporary relief from pests, the best and most effective pest control method for your Davenport property is hiring a pest control expert who is equipped to permanently solve your problem. An expert pest control team will safely and humanely remove all nuisance pests and ensure the safety of you and your home.

Your Davenport Pest Control Professionals

If you’re looking for quality pest control and wildlife removal services in the Central Florida area, contact Critter Control® of Polk County. Our Eco-Wise methods include a complete property inspection and free estimate, permanent pest removal using eco-friendly and humane methods, and repair services to any damages caused by nuisance pests or wildlife.

To schedule an inspection of your Davenport, FL property and receive a free estimate for our pest control services, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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