How Do I Get Raccoons Out of My Attic?

Dark and dank with a lot of places to hide, attics provide the ideal setting for a raccoon family to set up camp. If you hear scuttling in the attic or find your stowed away items scattered about, you may have uninvited critters living upstairs. When left for too long, raccoons can cause extensive property damage, destroying insulation, ductwork, and pipes. In addition to that, raccoons can pose a serious health risk to you, your family, and your pets as they are known to carry diseases like rabies. To mitigate such risks to your home, here are some ways to get raccoons out of your attic.

Getting Rid of Raccoons In The Attic

Removing raccoons from the attic is not an easy job. However, there are a few DIY methods that can help scare off these sneaky pests:

  • Do Some Spring Cleaning – Between boxes of holiday decorations and bags filled with childhood mementos, the attic often offers many places for raccoons to hide away. Clean up any areas where raccoons have built nests and try to consolidate and remove unnecessary clutter. 
  • Look for Points of Entry – Whether it’s a hole in your roofing, a low hanging branch leading to the roof, or a garage door left open, there’s no shortage of ways raccoons can sneak into your attic. Check your home, high and low, for possible points of entry and work to safeguard them.
  • Use Ammonia as a Repellent – Although they’re typically messy creatures, raccoons don’t urinate near their dens. Just the smell of ammonia can be enough to chase raccoons out of the attic. To safely use ammonia as a deterrent, put an ammonia-soaked cloth into a container ventilated with air holes and place it near the problem area. 
  • Make Your Presence Known – Female raccoons settle down in hidden, undisturbed areas in an effort to keep their babies safe. Oftentimes, just seeing a person or another animal near their nest is enough to scare them into moving to a more private location. 
  • Call in the Pros – The only sure-fire method to get raccoons out of your attic is to call in professional animal removal services. A raccoon (or any wild animal) should never be directly confronted by a non-professional. If you have raccoons in the attic, call in the experts for safe and fast animal removal.

CritterSafe® Raccoon Removal

Our team at Critter Control® of Polk County uses a proven CritterSafe® method to remove raccoons quickly and safely. Our methods include: 

  1. Inspection – We visit your home to thoroughly assess the extent of your wildlife problem. 
  2. Relocation – We safely trap and remove raccoons from your Polk County property.
  3. Restoration – We clean and restore any raccoon damage done to your property. 
  4. Prevention – We close off entry points around your property with covers, gates, or caps to keep any future critters out. 

If you encounter a raccoon in your Polk County attic, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County immediately for fast and efficient service. Call us today at 863-204-2815 to schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate.?


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