How To Get Rid of Field Mice in the Yard

Field mice are small rodents that may seem harmless, but they can cause lots of property damage to your yard by digging holes and tearing into vegetation. Once they are done destroying your yard, they will naturally turn to infesting your home. To prevent property damage inside and out, here are a few tips to get rid of field mice.

DIY Ways to Get Rid of Field Mice

  • Trim Your Yard

Field mice can easily hide in tall grass. Mow your lawn frequently and keep it short so mice don’t try to make themselves at home. If you have bushes or other vegetation, keep them at least two feet away from your home’s perimeter. This lack of space will deter mice from accessing your home.

  • Keep Your Yard Clean

There are several things in your backyard that field mice can live in. Yard waste, compost piles, and wood piles are all places for them to take cover. Frequently clean up any waste, and store compost in a thick plastic bin. Wood piles should be moved as far away from your home as possible.

  • Remove Mice Food and Water Sources

Trash bins are a major food source for field mice in your backyard. Mice have an excellent sense of smell and can tear through plastic bags. Most trash cans can keep field mice out, but make sure they’re tightly sealed and don’t have holes.

Pet food, birdseed, and birdbaths are other sources of food and water for hungry field mice. If you have pets, keep their food inside and only put it down to feed them. Hang bird feeders off metal poles away from your home, and empty out birdbaths frequently.

Effective Strategies to Get Rid of Field Mice

While the above tips may get rid of the occasional critter, the most effective way to get rid of field mice on your property is to call a mice removal professional. By relying on the wildlife removal services of Critter Control® of Polk County, you can permanently prevent a long-term field mice infestation.

Get Rid of Field Mice with Critter Control® of Polk County

The experienced wildlife removal technicians at Critter Control® of Polk County will remove nuisance wildlife from your property and keep them from returning. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Critter Control® of Polk County uses a four-step CritterSafe® field mice removal system that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

To schedule your inspection for our effective field mice removal services, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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