How to Keep Possums Away from Your Trash

Opossums often invade residential properties in their search for food and shelter. Often, a possum’s hunger will lead them to disturb unsecure trash cans and scatter litter across lawns. If the hungry pests are causing damage and making a mess on your Polk County property, follow these tips to keep possums away.

Tips to Keep Possums Away from Your Trash

Here are a few tips for deterring possums from getting into your trash.

  • Lock Up Your Trash –If you don’t have locking trash can lids, you can use a chain lock to keep possums from lifting your garbage can lid. You can also lock trash cans by securing the lid with a bungee cord tied around the can’s handles. If you can’t use a lock, place a heavy item on top of the trash bin to keep it shut and the possums out.
  • Store Your Trash Inside –A trash can is an easy source of food for possums, especially when it is left at the curb overnight. An easy solution to prevent the nocturnal critters from grabbing a midnight snack from your trash can is by storing your bins inside your garage until trash day.
  • Drizzle Ammonia Around Your Trash –Ammonia is a chemical commonly found in the urine of possum’s predators. If they smell it, they’ll think your garbage can is some other critter’s territory. To keep possums away, spray some ammonia around your garbage can or place ammonia-soaked rags inside the bin. For maximum efficiency, re-apply the ammonia every few weeks.
  • Scare Possums Away from Your Trash –Possums may seem brave, but they’re skittish and easily scared off. Use this to your advantage by installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers around your trash cans. When the critters get near, they’ll be caught in the act and will scamper away.
  • Hire a Possum Removal Expert –Ultimately, the most effective way to keep possums away from your yard is to hire a possum removal professional. A licensed and trained wildlife specialist will have the knowledge and equipment to remove nuisance possums from your Polk County property safely and humanely.

Keep Possums Away with Critter Control of Polk County

If you’re having possum problems in your yard, rely on the professional possum removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County. To schedule your inspection and receive a free estimate for our fast and effective opossum removal services, call Critter Control® of Polk County today at 863-204-2815.


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