5 Signs You Have a Rat Infestation

The thought of having rats in your home is simultaneously terrifying and revolting. Unfortunately, finding and capturing rats without the proper experience and equipment can be difficult. Furthermore, attempting to deal with rats on your own is not only irritating, but dangerous. Rats are known to carry and spread diseases as well as cause significant property damage in the form of chewed items and contaminated surfaces.

If you suspect you have a rat infestation in your Polk County home, then here are a few signs that will confirm your suspicion as well as some ways to get rid of the nuisance rats for good.

5 Common Signs of a Rat Infestation

  1. Droppings – Rats can leave up to 40 droppings in an area per night and leave behind dark brown stains on walls, floor, and entry ways. Droppings are typically located in hidden areas such as under sinks, near cupboards, or in attic crawl spaces.

  2. Gnawing – A clear sign of a rat infestation is finding small holes on your walls and cardboard food packaging. Rats and other rodents must incessantly gnaw on objects, usually plastic and wood, in order to dull their ever-growing teeth. Also check your molding and attic beams for bite marks.

  3. Strange noises – Since rats are nocturnal, you may hear squeaking or scratching coming from your attic at night. You can also hear the rats scurrying behind walls and underneath floorboards.

  4. Urine odor – Rat urine produces a strong stench, similar to the smell of ammonia. If an area of your home has a lingering, pungent smell, then that can be a sign of a growing rat infestation.

  5. Unusual pet behavior – Pets will become more active and act nervous when they hear or smell rodents. If you see your cat or dog pace or paw near the walls or bark at an area of your home, they have most likely heard or sensed a rat nearby.

Effective Rat Removal Services

The faster the rats are removed from your home, the fewer damages they can cause. Therefore, if you see any signs of a rat infestation in your home, keep your distance from the pests and contact the rat removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County.

Our team of experts will permanently remove the rat infestation in your home with our safe and humane rat removal methods. Our process involves a thorough inspection, complete pest removal, preventative safeguarding, and restorative decontamination of your property.

Your Polk County Rat Removal Experts

Don’t deal with invasive rats on your own. Instead, rely on the rat removal professionals at Critter Control® of Polk County to permanently solve your rat infestation. We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly, non-toxic, and humane removal methods when it comes to getting rid of unwanted critters inside and outside of your home.

If you encounter rats on your Polk County property, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County immediately at 863-204-2815 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate.


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