Mole coming to land from burrowing under the ground in a tunnelThe different ways in which animals relate to their environments in fascinating. Some animals roost in trees, others make nests, and others make dens in the ground. In the wild, animals have developed these habits to survive. Some can adapt to living alongside humans better than others because their habits are not as disruptive. But, animals that burrow can be particularly troublesome to home and property owners as they destroy yards in search of food and shelter.

3 Burrowing Animals Found in Polk County?

A burrowing animal is one that makes holes or tunnels underground, typically for shelter and/or a place to raise their young. Others burrow as they forage for underground worms, bugs, grubs, and edible plants. In Polk County, there are a few species who will often burrow under houses, businesses, or in yards.

  1. Moles

    Moles are well-known for their large, powerful front feet which are designed for pushing dirt out of the way. They dig intricate tunnels, about 6-12 inches underground, that they use for shelter and to find earthworms and insects. These tunnels can prove rather vexing to homeowners, as they help moles stay hidden and destroy lawns.

  2. Armadillos

    An armadillo is another odd-looking creature that burrows underground. They may have up to 15 burrows, each approximately 8 inches in diameter, ranging from two to 25 feet long. They create several entrances to their burrows but primarily use the main entrance to access their home. Armadillos can sniff out insects buried up to six inches underground. You might find several sections of your yard rooted up, with large holes as burrow entrances.

  3. Raccoons

    A raccoon is less common to be found burrowing underground during summer months; however, to keep warm during the colder winter months, they will often dig deep into the ground to make dens. They can also root up your yard and plants when scavenging.

Call the Experts at Critter Control of Polk County

Burrowing animals can be a significant nuisance for your home or business. Attempting to remove a burrowing animal is not only extremely difficult, and it is a job best left to the professionals here at Critter Control® of Polk County. Our experts know the safest and most effective methods of wildlife removal.

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