5 Common Rodents Found in Polk County

Polk County, Florida is surrounded by numerous bodies of water and thick wooded areas that a variety of natural wildlife call home. Such critters include raccoons, armadillos, bats, snakes, and various rodents. If any of these animals, particularly rodents, wander outside of their wooded habitats in search of food and shelter, they can cause quite a mess for Polk County home and business owners.

If you discover the signs of a rodent infestation on your Polk County property, then it is important to know which specific pest you are dealing with. By identifying your nuisance pest and gaining a better understanding of the differences between each rodent species, you can then know how to effectively put an end to your rodent infestation.

4 Common Rodent Species in Polk County, Florida

Common rodents in Polk County, Florida include rats, mice, squirrels, moles, and gophers.

  1. Rats –Rats only care about two things: food and shelter. They are attracted by odors that come from pet waste, grills, and trash cans. Additionally, overgrown vegetation and open bodies of water such as swimming pools or lakes are big draws for rats. If you notice rats on your Polk County property, you should call an animal removal expert immediately. Rats carry diseases that are harmful to humans as well as pets. They can also cause structural damage to your property due to their incessant gnawing and chewing. While rat traps, bait boxes or glue traps are common DIY rat remedies, if you want them to leave your property fast, then it is recommended that you enlist the services of a rodent removal expert.
  2. Mice –Generally, mice look for the same conditions as rats in a Polk County residence. Mice can squeeze through tiny cracks or openings in building walls and will seek out warmer surroundings when outside temperatures drop. They are also attracted to pet food, trash, and leftovers. Additionally, mice like to nest in cluttered areas, such as attics or garages. Mice are notorious for contaminating properties and transmitting diseases through their bites and waste. If you have a mouse infestation, you can try repelling them by sprinkling peppermint oil around your house to keep the mice from entering common spaces.
  3. Squirrels – Like other rodents, squirrels are attracted to warm, dark spaces near accessible food and water sources—such as residential attics. To get inside, they generally access roofs by scaling gutter downspouts or leaping from the overhanging limbs of nearby trees. Once on your roof, squirrels will use their ever-growing teeth to gnaw their way into your Polk County property through loose shingles, ventilation ducts, and roof soffits. If you notice squeaking, scurrying, or scratching noises coming from your walls or ceiling, then you likely have a squirrel problem.
  4. Moles and Gophers – These burrowing rodents are mostly attracted to food sources in your yard or vegetable garden such as roots, carrots, and celery. Both moles and gophers dig up yards and leave behind holes, tunnels, and piles of dirt in order to create underground tunnels and burrows. While these critters are not dangerous to people, their digging can cause costly landscaping and irrigation system damage to the lawns they infiltrate. If you encounter a mole or gopher infestation, you can attempt to get rid of them by cutting off their food sources, using baited traps, or placing sage, thyme, coffee grounds, or other scented deterrents around your property. However, calling a professional to remove invasive moles and gophers will keep them out of your yard for good.

While engaging in DIY rodent deterrents may keep the nuisance pests away for a short amount of time, relying on licensed and trained rodent removal experts is the best way to ensure the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Rely on Your Polk County Rodent Removal Experts

At Critter Control® of Polk County, we pride ourselves in using eco-friendly and humane methods of removal when it comes to unwanted critters inside your home or workplace. If you encounter any type of rodent on your Polk County property, keep your distance and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County immediately. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate for our rodent removal services, call us today at 863-204-2815.


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