What to Do if Your Polk County Property Is Overrun by Squirrels?

Polk County, Florida is home to a variety of natural wildlife that can become a problem for you if they manage to infiltrate your home. While they may appear as harmless animals, squirrels, in particular, can become quite the nuisance to property owners and pose a real threat to residential Polk County homes for several reasons. Therefore, if your Polk County property is overrun by squirrels, you should remedy the situation immediately by calling for professional squirrel removal services.

4 Types of Property Damage Caused by Squirrels

Because of their agility and naturally destructive behaviors, squirrels can cause a significant amount of damage to your property such as:

  1. Exterior Building Damage Squirrels can enter your home through any small cracks or holes anywhere they can find. If there is not an entrance, they will chew their way into your house through roof shingles, wood structures, screens, and other materials.
  2. Garden Damage Squirrels will eat fruits and vegetables in your garden for food and they can dig holes in your garden and other parts of your property.
  3. Chewed Property and Structures Squirrels must chew constantly to dull their teeth, and they will gnaw through wires, cables, piping, wooden beams, furniture, walls, and other structures around your house.
  4. Household Contamination – Squirrels will leave their waste throughout your property as they navigate your walls, attic, and crawlspaces for food and a place to nest and breed. Such contamination from urine and droppings will smell foul and can spread infection.

The property damages inflicted by squirrels can cause power outages and even house fires, among other issues. Individually, the issues may be small, but together, they pose a real threat to your home.

The Problem With DIY Squirrel Removal

Several online sources may suggest that do-it-yourself squirrel removal methods like scented deterrents and traps can help alleviate your squirrel problem. However, these methods are often ineffective at removing nuisance pests, inhumane, or only serve as temporary solutions. Furthermore, DIY methods are costly and time-consuming for homeowners. Ultimately, the best way to permanently remove nuisance squirrels from your property is to rely on your local Polk County squirrel removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County.

Effective Squirrel Removal Services in Polk County, FL

Save time, money, and stress by calling Critter Control® of Polk County to deal with your overrun nuisance squirrel problem. At Critter Control® of Polk County, we pride ourselves in using eco-friendly and humane methods to remove nuisance wildlife from your home. Our trained and certified technicians use the following strategic and effective methods to quickly remove invasive critters:

  1. Inspection – Your property is evaluated to determine the size of your infestation and to locate any and all squirrel entrance points.
  2. Removal – Humane and eco-friendly methods are used to isolate and remove the pests.
  3. Exclusion – We squirrel-proof your home and property to ensure they do not regain entry.
  4. Restoration – Any contaminated areas of your home and damages caused by squirrels will be cleaned and repaired.

If you encounter squirrels or other nuisance wildlife on your Polk County property, keep a safe distance and contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Polk County immediately. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate for our squirrel removal services, call us today at 863-204-2815.


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